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Information for Medical Practitioners

Hearing Health is committed to providing excellence in service and ethics in practice. Our protocols have been developed in collaboration with ENT specialists to ensure comprehensive diagnostic assessment, important in establishing the most appropriate management of the patient. We believe general practitioners are an integral part of the holistic management of a patient's hearing problem, therefore a standard referral is required. A doctors referral will also entitle the patient to receive a Medicare rebate for the test.

A diagnostic report of the patient's results will be forwarded electronically to your practice, typically within 24 hours. Quality assurance is important to us. All reporting is reviewed by an ENT specialist.


Exceeding Australian Standards

Our testing facilities exceed Australian Standards and we employ very experienced clinical and administrative staff. The clinicians have ownership in the practice so we are able to provide continuity in care, which is particularly important for our patients with hearing aids, or children with a long term history of middle ear dysfunction.

Hearing Health is contracted to provide hearing aid services for pensioners and veterans through the Office of Hearing Services program. We are happy to assist your patients in lodging an application. Hearing Health also provides hearing aid services for patients not eligible for this program.

Please contact the clinic on 07 5575 9375 should you require any further information.

We may have a template that integrates automatically with your particular software program. Please contact the clinic for more information.