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Hearing Tests

At Hearing Health we perform a comprehensive test to establish the level of your hearing, and if there is a problem, the site of involvement.  
There are 3 parts to the test:
Step 1: You will be required to wear headphones and press a button each time you hear a sound.

Step 2: Words will then be presented through the headphones and you will be required to repeat back each one.
Step 3: Finally, a test of the middle ear system is performed. A small probe is placed in the ear. You will feel a pressure change and hear some louder sounds.
This test may be modified depending on your particular problem.
For young children the first part of the test is different. Children aged 12 months to 2 years experience a ‘puppet show’. We teach them that when they hear a sound if they turn to the window they will see a puppet. For children aged 2 ½ to 4 years, we play a game, like putting a peg in the pegboard when they hear a sound.